What’s on in April?

A quick reminder of some of the dates from our Key Events Diary for April 2018

Tuesday 3rd – Friday 13th April – Holiday Club running at Crawfurd Road.  Lots of fun trips and activities planned for chidlren already registered

April 19th – Parents Voice 5pm – 6.30pm Crawfurd Road, come along to hear about current nursery events/share your views on current issues.  This month we will be looking at Summer Holiday Programme, Holiday Closures, & School Transitions amongst other things

April 21st – Picnic and gardening day at Rodger Drive.  Come and help us spring clean the garden and erect a Poly Tunnel for use as an Outdoor Art Room

April 30th – Stay and Play at Rodger Drive – Spend some time with your child at nursery, an excellent way to get an insight into their day and to get to build relationships with their carers