ACE Place rooms: Penguins

We operate a Key Worker System, staff have a keen understanding of nurture and attachment and the impact that this has on children in early years.

Ages: 2 to 3
Capacity: up to 26
Staffing ratio: 1:5

The children in the Penguins have access to outdoor play with direct access to their own garden grounds.

The Penguin Room is set up as an open plan environment, enabling our children to freely access resources.  This promotes independence and allows them to make choices about their play and learning that can them be supported by the staff team.

Children regularly visit our own library and sensory rooms as well as going on outings to our local park.

Together we can

A key focus for our Under 3’s is South Lanarkshire Council’s Together We Can.

This document provides clear guidance for staff working in early years on how best to support our youngest children.  All the activities provided for our Under 3’s are designed with this in mind.

Together We Can has been developed in line with the values, purpose and principles of the Curriculum for Excellence and is, therefore, an excellent building block for the learning the children will go on to undertake in the 3-5’s and indeed when they move on to Primary and Secondary education at school.

Together We Can focuses on 5 areas of development:

  1. health and well being
  2. emotional spiritual well being
  3. social development
  4. physical development, and
  5. cognitive development

Together We Can recognises the important role parents and carers have in their child’s development and we will work in partnership with you to take forward their development in a holistic way.