Rodger Drive Parent’s Voice – next meeting Tuesday 18th February 2020 (drop in session open 5pm-7pm)

Parents Voice Meetings

What do you know about Parents Voice?  Why not come along and contribute to our sessions to find out more.  Our Parents Voice meetings provide an informal opportunity to feedback to our Management on issues affecting our service.  We have an agenda agreed for the coming year but would happily add anything that you would like to discuss.

Agenda Items for the coming year are as follows –

Feb        Induction & Inclusion – reviewing the induction to our service and considering how inclusive we are

April       Lear & Community Links – reviewing the effectiveness of our community partnerships & their impact on children’s learning

June       Annual Survey – are we asking the right things?

Aug        Transitions – from home to nursery, from room to room and from nursery to school and OSC, are we getting it right?

Nov        Environments – what’s working well and what could we change?

Dec        Parents Voice – how effective is our Parent Voice?

Meetings are open to all service users, the kettle will be ok !