ACE Place rooms: Owls

Children in their Ante-Pre School and Pre School years are cared for by staff in the Owls’ playrooms. At this stage in your child’s development, their independence is more obviously nurtured, and they love the freedom of choice that comes with it!

Ages: 3 to 5
Capacity: up to 74

ACE Place is a Partnership Nursery,  we work closely with South Lanarkshire Council and have a number of funded only places available in addition to our full sessions.

3-5 year olds are eligible for funding to support their sessions from the term after their third birthday, we can support you to access this for your child.

Curriculum for excellence

Our learning and activities at this stage follow the Scottish Government’s Curriculum for Excellence 3-18.

Our day to day activities are very much driven by the children who are encouraged to direct their own learning through play. Our qualified and experienced staff intervene sensitively to create opportunities to extend learning where appropriate without interrupting the flow unnecessarily.

Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. It is never ‘just’ play, and is has an important role in developing a healthy brain.

At nursery, children are setting strong foundations for future learning by learning and exploring through play.

The three key areas of Literacy, Numeracy and Health & Wellbeing can easily be explored through play.  Our staff regularly observe children at play to record and track their progress.  This is fed back to parents via our online learning journals as well as through day to day feedback and regular parents evenings.

Children’s choice

Children can choose to play in a variety of spaces throughout the day, and have access to a wide range of resources including our IT room, gardens, physical room, library and sensory room.  There is ample opportunity for both energetic play and quiet reflection as they choose.

Our world outdoors

Our OWLS are very active in our community and we have an ongoing programme of Outdoor Learning which includes daily visits to a local woodland site.  We visit our local park regularly and are also regular visitors of our neighbouring Care Home where the children are able to engage with elderly residents, which is fun for everyone.

Our creative journey

Our OWLS are very creative and have plenty of opportunities to sing, dance and express themselves.  We offer a weekly art class in addition to daily access to all the messy resources they need to express their creativity!  Our Pre-schoolers perform twice yearly for parents at their Christmas Show and at Graduation, allowing them the opportunity to showcase their creativity and performing skills.