Design Guidance for Early Learning & Childcare

As part of the expansion of early learning and childcare to 1,140 hours by 2020, the Scottish Government, in collaboration with Scottish Futures Trust and the Care Inspectorate are developing design guidance for early learning and childcare service providers.

The guidance will relate to the accommodation and the environment they provide. It will be useful for providers when they:

– consider providing an early learning and childcare service
– plan for any explansion
– develop their indoor and / or outdoor spaces

Although the guidance will assist with the government’s planned expansion of early learning and childcare, it will also be useful to any out-of-school care services.

To help in their research, they are seeking views from parents who currently use nursery and out of school care services. To assist them with this they are asking for your views through an online survey, and would appreciate it if you could complete this by following the link below –


It’s a very short survey and should take no more than 5 minutes of your time.