Crawfurd Road Outdoor Learning

With a strong commitment to Outdoor Learning, we offer children the opportunity to spend the majority of their session in the outdoors, in local woodland parks and gardens, embracing their natural desire to learn through play.

Ages: 3 to 5
Capacity: 30

By exploring their local environment we allow them to build their social skills, their resilience and their sense of place whilst encouraging a love of all things outdoors and educating them to foster an appreciation for and commitment to the environment.

“The image of children splashing in muddy puddles or running, carefree through the woods, giggling in the way only happy children can, might seem like a nostalgic rural idyll to city dwellers in this age of social media and easy-access tech. But it doesn’t have to be.”

– Julia Robertson Creative Star Learning.

At ACE Place we fully agree and Crawfurd Road nursery affords children the opportunity to play freely, assessing risks and build their confidence along the way.

Our current program includes a day in our nursery garden, three days out at one of our community woodland sites, and a further day exploring other community resources and connecting to their local environment.

The children enjoy exploring in the woodlands, planting in the garden, and chatting with the elderly residents on their visits to Duncraggan Care Home.  They love climbing trees, looking for bugs, counting and measuring logs, and making bird feeders.  Every day is an adventure at Crawfurd Road and the children are very much in control of their learning through our approach to Planning; In the Moment Planning is very much centered around the children’s interests and supports their individual learning styles.

Funding is available for children attending Crawfurd Road, which is covered by our partnership with South Lanarkshire Council.  We can cater to a variety of attendance patterns including term time places which are particularly helpful for parents who work term-time contracts.

If you would like to visit us at Crawfurd Road please give us a call, we would love to show you what we are up to.  0141 631 4477 or 07740 575 772