Crawfurd Road Nursery – places available from August 2019

We have a limited number of places available for 3-5 year olds in our Crawfurd Road Nursery from August 2019Please enquire now to secure funding for your child.  3-5 year olds, term time.  Children at Crawfurd Road have the benefit of a dedicated indoor space, designed to meet their needs but attend a variety of woodland’local sites throughout the week as we maximise our links to our local community.  To date all the children attending have spent the full week outdoors, however from August 2019 we are offering ‘Indoor’ places too to meet the demand for this option.  Children will be able to choose up to three outdoor trips per week to compliment their indoor experience.  For more inforation or to book a viewing please contact Kirsteen on 0141 631 4477.