ACE Place Awards

A big thanks to everyone who voted in our recent Star of the Year awards.  We are delighted to announce that the following people were recognised as a result at our Awards Ceremony this weekend.

Star of the Year – Megan McSalley, OSC Crawfurd Road

Team of the Year – The Penguins, Rodger Drive Nursery

Trainee of the Year – Jade Mathieson, Rodger Drive Nursery

Rising Stars –  Chloe Doughty & Abbey Miller from Rodger Drive; with Sharon Jamieson & Tiffany Aiton from Crawfurd Road

Forever Star – Christine Hannah – Rodger Drive Nursery Cook

Recognised for achievements in completing a qualificaition in the past six months were – Jade Mathieson, Caitlin Gunn, Stephanie Douglas & Louise O’Neill.

Well done everyone!

Penguins Award Pic Jade Award pic Chloe Award Pic Abbey Award Pic Qualifications award pic Christine Award Pic Tiffany Award pic